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Social Media Marketing (SMM) – a method of Internet marketing which uses multidisciplinary marketing campaign (which includes SMO, but also the most classical forms of Internet marketing – banner marketing) to access the social networks users and transfer the desired message which, besides informing, most often also calls for action. The existence of a website is needed for all kinds of presentations and sale of your product, but if you want to approach your users more closely and increase the number of visits on your website, take the advantage of the possibilities that social networks marketing offers. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn are some of the greatest social networks and excellent market for all those who want to place their product to a certain clientele.

The goal of SMM is to create the content which will be shared among the users on their social networks and that will help the branding of your company as well as spread your influence to the potential audience and customers. Interactive areas of social networks offer the buyers the chance to ask questions and discuss different issues which makes the consumers feel more connected to your company. Besides being faster and more efficient, social networks marketing is also cheaper than the classic marketing, and its presence grows proportionally with the growth of social networks popularity. To have a campaign on social networks is not simple; it takes a lot of planning, creativity and time. One of the problems are also working hours – 24/7 since social networks activities are never sleeping, but this is where our team ''takes the lead''!





Besides planning and guiding your social networks campaigns, we also take control over your Facebook ads and we create mobile apps. During the guidance of your Facebook ads, our goal is to minimize your expenses and get the results of the highest quality (increase the number of fans, sales increase, brand visibility, etc.).

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